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There’s Nothing False About Hope May 11, 2008

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On Massachusetts Avenue, after hearing a bunch of police sirens…

Me: Maybe that’s Obama.

Luke: No. Obama’s motorcade runs on hope.


Spring Cleansing April 20, 2008

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So winter is over and spring has come to the nation’s capital. This of course means it’s prime porching season on W Street. Last weekend we cleaned it so that now, my favorite activities can take place in earnest. Those activities include, but are not limited to, sitting, staring, sighing, and occasionally shifting.

I spent last week in Vegas which is about as anti-porch a city as you could find (not anti actual porches..I’m talking about a lifestyle here. If Vegas had a porch, you’d have to walk through 10 rows of slot machines to get there!) No offense, but the Vegas strip is clearly one of the last circles of hell. A small tube of toothpaste at our hotel was $4.70. On principle I couldn’t buy it and on principle I had to complain about it incessantly for the next 3 days. I also made Emily walk with me to a Walgreens down a road which in Vegas means 20 minutes away down a sidewalk where we were the only pedestrians. Vegas is about as real as Disney Land and it makes me question my faith in humanity and the future of our country.

On a positive, I left up $45 which I won at blackjack from a Thai dealer.

Back in the capital, Luke and I joined a food co-op (for DCers, check it out here) where they deliver a box of fresh fruits and vegetables every week. Our first delivery Thursday was a box of mushrooms, oranges, green peppers, arugula, kiwis, corn and lots more. This is going to help me atone for my last breakfast in Vegas on Thursday where Emily and I went to an all-you-can-devour buffet. I had fresh fruit, an egg-white spinach omelette, a salad, a piece of sausage, fried chicken with gravy, french fries, beef chili, a slice of ham, and an entire pig stuffed with a turkey stuffed with fish. Maybe slighly exaggerating, but I am definitely going to hell for that meal.

I also got the MLB package from my cable company so now I can watch every single Yankee game… a fact that brings me unending joy and makes Luke go into a seizure. Other things that make Luke go into a seizure these days are the following:

  • DC Drivers
  • Robitussin
  • MTV reality shows
  • Having to do errands
  • Having to be somewhere at a certain time
  • When I can’t remember the name of a plant
  • Me asking ten times if he’s excited about the brisket I’m making

Things that make me go into histrionics these days are as follows:

  • DC Drivers
  • My insatiable jealousy of other people’s cars
  • Airline consolidation
  • Paying $4.70 for toothpaste (also, when my electric toothbrush is low on batteries)

Happy Spring and Passover and Administrative Professions Day to everyone!


Partially hydrogenated March 25, 2008

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Lately I’ve been thinking less about “what should I eat?” and more about “what am I eating?” I’m thinking these things (and stealing that line) because I’ve read Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food and because I’m currently in the middle of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and because I’m one of those people who reads a book and is all “blah blah did you read blah blah did you know blah blah.”

What I love about his books is that he isn’t pushing a fad diet or a way to lose weight in just a few weeks. Rather he’s advocating a common-sense, surprisingly easy concept on how to live:

Eat food.

Don’t eat not-food.

Who knew how much Not-food I was eating! Who knew that modified, engineered, man-made food product–like the kind found in delicious bacon bits that I’ve eaten just about every day since I can remember–might not be as good for you as, say, a mango. Apparently lots of people. I’m a little late for this party.

Anyway, once you start thinking about these things, it sort of becomes an obsession. Yesterday at Safeway, I discovered that BBQ sauce without high fructose corn syrup is basically impossible to find. And that saddens me… I had many many happy memories of single life in Brooklyn, a bottle of wine, a Yankee game, my studio on Adams Street, and a rotisserie chicken from Gristedes smothered in Open Pit BBQ sauce. How can something feel so right but be so wrong…so unhealthy…so high fructose-y.

So I’ve stopped looking for low-fat this and that and started making sure nothing is partially hydrogenated. From now on, it needs to be fully hydrogenated or not hydrogenated at all or I won’t touch it. None of this half-ass hydrogenation nonsense.

Otherwise, life is rolling along. Nothing too crazy that can’t be summarized in bullets:

  • Cherry Blossoms are out. DC is getting gorgeous.
  • My friend Courtney uses the word”hypotenuse” when giving directions. As in, “When you get to the park, take the hypotenuse.” I love it! I’m trying to use it daily.
  • I love the NPR morning edition duo Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne. And by the way, what’s with all the NPR hosts and their totally awesome names?? I’m talking about you Lakshmi Singh!
  • There needs to be a word for when someone Facebook friends you, and then you look through all their friends and pick out who you know and then friend those people. Or when someone friends you, and then you notice they looked through all your friends and friended some of them. Something like “Facefriend Trolling” or “Face Finding ” or “High Fructose Facebook Friend Stealing.” Whatever you call it, there needs to be attribution.
  • I had a stellar weekend in Chicago with my Peace Corps family. My friend Julie got married and we all got together to celebrate and drink in hotel rooms. Some images:
    derek, amanda & lukekevin & robseth & lalothe group
  • Can’t stop listening to and watching this video of Fleetwood Mac from The Dance. It freaks me out the way Stevie Nicks sings “You’ll never get away from the sound of a woman who loves you” right to Lindsay Buckingham. I know Stevie Nicks is a witch, but I’m convinced she’s a good witch. I’m still more scared of her than I am of partially hydrogenated soybean oil.

More on Texas January 31, 2008

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dsc00054.jpg ft. worth dsc00072.jpg

Everything is big in Texas, including but not limited to:

  • The glasses of water served at restaurants
  • The SUVs and pick-up trucks
  • The distance between highway exits on I-20 in the general area of Abilene
  • The distance between terminals at DFW
  • The horns on those bull-like animals you see everywhere
  • The smiles
  • The number of presidential delegates
  • The portions at BBQs
  • My belly

Texas-ism January 28, 2008

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deeper in the heart of texas deep in the heart of texas
“It’s so flat in Texas that when your dog runs away, you can watch him go for three days.

2008 ticket January 20, 2008

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“Clinton/Obama 2008. Experience the Change.”


Big Mac January 5, 2008

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So January 1st, Luke and I are driving back from northern New Hampshire, trying to make a 5pm flight back to DC. We had left ourselves almost six hours to drive the normally-three hour trip but the snow was pouring down and they shut down part of interstate 93 so we had to use back roads. By 3pm we weren’t even in Concord yet and there was no way we’d make it. Defeated, I had to to take a break so we pulled into what we thought was an out-of-the way diner.

We walk in, sit down, I call my office to tell them I won’t make it back to DC, and order a sandwich. Suddenly there’s commotion at the door and in walks John McCain and his entourage. It was a quintessential NH moment just before the primaries, I suppose, but nonetheless it took our minds off our travel woes and we got to snap this photo:

the guys

He basically just came over and I was all “Hello Senator can I get a picture of you and Luke?” and he was all “Sure” so Luke goes up and then a member of his posse was all “Why not get both of you” so Luke and I stood next to each other but then John McCain was all “Let me stand between these two jerks” (“jerks” said in an grandfatherly way, not rude at all. Like, “jerks” with an implied “har har har.”) so we swtiched it up, then badda bing badda boom, he moved on. Lots of reporters and hanger-ons were all “Are you New Hampshire voters?” That was about the extent of it. My chicken sandwich was pretty good.


So though I’m an Obama guy and Luke likes ClintonCyborg29JSH8772, we both think McCain is kinda sweet. Good luck next week John!