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More on Texas January 31, 2008

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dsc00054.jpg ft. worth dsc00072.jpg

Everything is big in Texas, including but not limited to:

  • The glasses of water served at restaurants
  • The SUVs and pick-up trucks
  • The distance between highway exits on I-20 in the general area of Abilene
  • The distance between terminals at DFW
  • The horns on those bull-like animals you see everywhere
  • The smiles
  • The number of presidential delegates
  • The portions at BBQs
  • My belly

Texas-ism January 28, 2008

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deeper in the heart of texas deep in the heart of texas
“It’s so flat in Texas that when your dog runs away, you can watch him go for three days.

2008 ticket January 20, 2008

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“Clinton/Obama 2008. Experience the Change.”


Big Mac January 5, 2008

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So January 1st, Luke and I are driving back from northern New Hampshire, trying to make a 5pm flight back to DC. We had left ourselves almost six hours to drive the normally-three hour trip but the snow was pouring down and they shut down part of interstate 93 so we had to use back roads. By 3pm we weren’t even in Concord yet and there was no way we’d make it. Defeated, I had to to take a break so we pulled into what we thought was an out-of-the way diner.

We walk in, sit down, I call my office to tell them I won’t make it back to DC, and order a sandwich. Suddenly there’s commotion at the door and in walks John McCain and his entourage. It was a quintessential NH moment just before the primaries, I suppose, but nonetheless it took our minds off our travel woes and we got to snap this photo:

the guys

He basically just came over and I was all “Hello Senator can I get a picture of you and Luke?” and he was all “Sure” so Luke goes up and then a member of his posse was all “Why not get both of you” so Luke and I stood next to each other but then John McCain was all “Let me stand between these two jerks” (“jerks” said in an grandfatherly way, not rude at all. Like, “jerks” with an implied “har har har.”) so we swtiched it up, then badda bing badda boom, he moved on. Lots of reporters and hanger-ons were all “Are you New Hampshire voters?” That was about the extent of it. My chicken sandwich was pretty good.


So though I’m an Obama guy and Luke likes ClintonCyborg29JSH8772, we both think McCain is kinda sweet. Good luck next week John!




Ten 2007 Favorites January 2, 2008

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  1. Favorite Washington DC Restaurant: Central, but if we’re being totally honest, it is sort of tied with Chick Fil-a.
  2. Favorite album I heard for the first time but has been around for a while: Brian Jonestown Massacre “Thank God For Mental Illness.”
  3. Favorite Runway Expansion Project: Runway 17-35 in Philly. Let’s get this thing going guys! These layovers are really messing with USAir.
  4. Favorite “Congratulations on getting married” card sentence:
    • “To think you would find your partner drinking elephant beer in a rural country town with powder on your faces.” — Kristy
  5. Favorite Idea I Stole/Borrowed: Wendy‘s idea to have a list of favorites from 2007
  6. Favorite word I invented: Porchologist (more on this here)
  7. Favorite Crock Pot recipe: My sweet Sunday pork
  8. Favorite Expression I stole/borrowed/improved-on: “I tell you what”used at the end of a sentence (stolen/borrowed/improved on from Emily S)
  9. Favorite celebrity gossip blog that isn’t Perez Hilton: The Superficial
  10. Favorite Reality Show: This one is tough, because I really do have love for New York, but I’m going to have to go with America’s Most Smartest Model. You have to be smart enough AND model enough.