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Spoon December 10, 2007

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On a plane somewhere between Boston and DC, I ordered a tea from the stewardess who left it on my tray without a spoon. I huffed a few times and tried to get her attention when Luke asked “What?” “I need to stir in the sugar” I replied, to which Luke reached into his inside jacket pocked and produced a plastic spoon. Incredulous, I turned to him with a questioning stare and he said….

“You never know when there’s going to be ice cream.”



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city hall

Luke and I spent the weekend in Philly and here are my comments:

  • Philly is a great place to live if you look anything like Benjamin Frankin. There’s a lot of work for you there if you do.
  • Luke gave me a great tour of Center City. The film Rocky figured prominently throughout.
  • This was funny (found on a building in Old Town)
  • It kind of felt like we were in Europe, but that was probably just because our hotel room was small and we walked a lot.
  • It is basically impossible for me to go to any city anymore without comparing it to DC, New York, and sometimes Bangkok.
  • We went to Philly’s Chinatown and saw a van full of fish heads and realized that yet another result of Peace Corps was that upon seeing this, the only emotion we felt was nostalgia.
  • I told Luke and his friend Sara that I didn’t think I could live in Philly because it only has one airport and I like choices.
  • Jersey is to Philly what Virginia is to DC.
  • I didn’t have a cheese steak.