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Rock Out With Your Crock Out November 5, 2007

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crock it up

1 apartment.

7 crock pots.

15 people.

Over 75 hours combined of slow cooking.

This past Sunday, Luke and I gathered some of our closest crockers for an evening of friendship, conversation, and crock pottage. That’s right: there were 7 crock pots, picked to come to a house, to find out what happens when people stop cooking quickly, and start cooking slowly. The real world: crock pot.

It was a lovely ending to a long week. Everyone crocked it pretty hard all day but in the end it was worth it. Luke and I crocked a pork loin which came out all tender and yummy and we had an eclectic group of dishes.

I spent Thursday through Saturday in Dallas for work. What to say about Dallas other than it’s big, the hair is big, the steaks are big, the cars are big, and the airport is huge. I had three excruciating hours at DFW’s Terminal C Chilis where the entire restaurant’s clientèle was watching football and I was watching Desperate Housewives on my laptop. There were quite a few similarities between the two shows. Sunday, Luke and I watched another rousing episode of the McLaughlin Group, which is also similar.

I have today off and I’m catching up on some reading (Jacki started a webzine), some youtube watching (hilarious sequel to Will Ferrell’s Landlord video), sending some birthday ecards, and playing around with facebook (r u my friend?). My Bed Desk has been activated and it is a beautiful autumn day here in the district.