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Ten Things That Fill My Week October 19, 2007

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  1. “I Love New York 2” and “America’s Most Smartest Model.” Best. Shows. Ever. I have so much love for New York that I can’t stand it.
  2. Commuting. It is all about the D1 bus. It winds through Glover Park, Georgetown, Dupont and sneaks into downtown through a back door. My favorite part about my D1 commute is that I always get a seat.
  3. The Economist & The New Yorker: enough said.
  4. The Kia & The Rock Creek Parkway: My favorite car and my favorite highway. The Kia really doesn’t need explanation. It just rocks. It is hard driving it through the district, breaking hearts and fending off jealous stares, but I must go on.
  5. Keith Olbermann: Not necessarily objective, but I like him. I like his “Worst Person in the World” and I like that he calls Fox News Fox Noise.
  6. My delicious grilled chicken salad: Chicken grilled in the Foreman, green peppers, carrots, romaine lettuce (you can tear it or cut it with a knife. Totally up to you!), vidalia onions, sliced avocados, McCormick’s Salad Supreme seasoning, a dash of love, a healthy three shakes from the bacos bottle, crutons, Ken’s Northern Italian light dressing, a glass of wine
  7. Chick fil’a: Chicken makes it’s second appearance on this list. Like sweet tea and my friend Emily, this ranks near the top of most interesting things produced in the south. The south, as I have come to learn, is more than country music and layovers in Atlanta. It is a beautiful, cultured, diverse place that has succeeded in taking chicken to a new level. This difficult feat should be respected, and chick fil’a stands as Seth’s #1 pick for best chicken sandwich hands down.
  8. Fantasy Football: The Capital Chicken Wings are 5-1-0 in my family’s league which is tied for first place. My main players are Tony Roma, T O, and other guys that I’m guessing are pretty good. My favorite parts of fantasy football are winning and talking smack about the Red Sux to my Boston cousins. Go Tribe!
  9. NPR:If Diane Rehm was alone in the forest and she fell down, would she make a sound? You betcha. Albeit a slow, oddly paced, but mesmerizing sound.
  10. My porch: I consider myself a Porchologist, and in my study of porches I can objectively say that the one here in Glover Park ranks near the top in terms of comfy chairs, views of pretty trees, and lighting.

Wine October 13, 2007

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I can’t think of a better Saturday activity than wine tasting. You get some close friends together, you pile into the car, you drive out into beautiful country, and you park yourself at a table with an insane view and drink wine and eat cheese and salami. Then, when you’re all done with that, you do it again at another vineyard.

This is what Luke, Julia, Jason and I did last Saturday. Did you know that The Virginia is the fifth largest wine producing state in the nation? I sure didn’t. I always thought The Virginia existed solely to house airports, Targets, and shopping malls. But I stand corrected. Actually, I sit corrected. I sit, slightly tipsy and full from too much salami, corrected. The Virginia is stunning. The wine was pretty darn tasty (though I might not be the best judge. For two years in the Peace Corps, I pretty much drank whiskey that was made from battery acid and I thought it was great too).

So if you ever need an excuse to drink before 5, here’s your answer.