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Airport Poem September 7, 2007

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delta @ dca

National Airport is yellow and bright

Chicago O’Hare is impressive at night

Atlanta’s concourses resemble a maze

Kennedy Airport is full of delays

To use any outlet in Dallas you pay

Logan in Boston juts out in a bay

When changing in Denver I don’t leave the plane

The lines out in Vegas could drive you insane

A cab ride to Dulles will cost you an arm

LaGuardia’s runways are cause for alarm

In lounges I ponder the comings and goings

While waiting for boarding airbuses and boeings


7 Responses to “Airport Poem”

  1. Emily Says:

    could not love this poem more.

  2. Becky Says:

    Best poem ever!

  3. mom Says:

    Your rhyme is true, your meaning clear
    You’re not quite done, so do not fear.
    You’ve “miles to go before you sleep”
    Forgive me Frost and please don’t weep.
    I know more adventures are waiting for you
    Airports, runways and cities, you’ll never be blue!

  4. jacki Says:

    best. poem. ever.

    you are a genius

  5. Margaret Says:

    I see were you inherited your way with words.

  6. samantha Says:

    very cute…can’t wait to hear the sequel

  7. Samuel Says:

    i love you man.

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