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Doing the dishes June 16, 2007

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Luke thinks I am secretly and intentionally breaking all of our glasses. He said that he thinks I stay up late at night with a ball-peen hammer tapping the glasses–whatever that means–so that when he picks them up in the morning, they crack. Now wherever did he get this strange idea…


Perhaps he got it because I am secretly trying to break all of our glasses. Not with some stupid hammer, though.


I hate every last one of them. So when I do the dishes, I intentionally try to break them by being too rough with them and then pretend it was an accident (a practice that ends with this blog post, I suppose). Another method I’ve employed is to place them in precarious positions in the sink overnight where if even a single fork is moved, they’ll all come crashing down. That way, there’s a chance it is his fault. But he’s totally on to me about that one.


These are glasses I’ve had since my Charlton Street apartment in 1996. I think I got them at a stoop sale in the West Village but they could easily be glasses that my mother hated and instead of throwing out, she forced them on me. I’ve hated them forever, but I just don’t have it in me to chuck them. So I am trying to let nature run its course…while actively trying to help nature along.


Besides, I think trying to drive Luke a little crazy is fun. He does it to me! I think he’s trying it by playing the same Courtney Love song over and over and over again (he says it is called “Pacific Coast Highway” and I think it is called “That crappy song you play all the time”) It’s been months of this song, so it isn’t like he doesn’t have his own “drive-seth-crazy” things.


I’ve decided the key to a happy home is equilibrium in the Driving-me-crazy department. There must be balance. And you have to be able to laugh about it. And if I’m trying to break all the dishes and also secretly trying to organize your night table you should just let it go.


In other Luke news: I recently had to remind him that for the 2 years we dated in Thailand, he was known for these wonderful cherry pies – which were really hard to come by where we lived – and I just assumed that the guy I was signing up for was a serious pie-maker (which really sweetened the deal ha ha). Lo and behold, here we are in Washington DC and I’ve had no pies for months. Not a single one. Especially right now, cause I really want a pie and I keep dropping hints like “boy, a pie sure would be wonderful right now” or “Luke, please make a pie.”



SO what else can I tell you… It was a pretty run of the mill week here in the nation’s capital. I got a new air conditioner courtesy of my landlord and due to the fact that the handle on the old on came off. Luke and I went to this great bar called Science Club on Thursday and had veggie quesadillas and French fries. That was pretty exciting. I started reading Ian McEwan’s On Chesil Beach and I’m finding it hard to concentrate on a novel after a year of only reading magazines. What’s happened to me? I can’t read a book anymore? I used to polish off a novel in a few days not think twice about it. I think I have readers block.


But I still read 7 magazines a week. I read this great article in New York magazine about the presidential candidate’s inner lives versus their outer lives. The presidents with the inner and outer lives that were closest, meaning they’re the same in private as they are at a convention, like Clinton and Reagan, were the most popular. The ones where there was the most discrepancy, like with Dole or Dukakis, floundered I thought it was good, so here is my first “read this” link in my bog. You can find that article here. It’s long, but not as long as a book.


So that is my week. I’m helping my friend Emily and her husband Jay move this weekend. And by “help” I mean “not really help.” More like, I’m waiting in their apartment to let the movers in, as per Emily’s request. Well played Emily. I wish everyone who asks me to help them move would ask me to simply wait in an apartment and let movers in. I could be very very helpful in this role. If anyone out there wants me to help them move in this manner, feel free to call me. If you want help in the other way – the way where there are boxes to be carried and stairs and beds and all that, I should just let you know that I’m not too good with dishes.


Jessica June 10, 2007

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My weekend visitor, fellow Peace Corps Thailand group 116 volunteer, Jessica. Jessica lives in an igloo in South Anchorage that she built with her own two hands and she commutes to her job at the ice factory on a dog sled.

She was very impressed by the fact I could stay out till 2am on Friday while Luke was off to bed shortly after midnight. Of course, on Saturday I fell asleep at midnight while she and Luke and fellow PC volunteer Amanda were up to 4, so it all evened out.

Highlight of the visit: looking across my porch and seeing Jessica on Saturday night and remembering how many hours we passed sitting next to each other on my porch in Wang Thong, Thailand. She was a regular there because she lived in the next door province. She used to come over all the time and watch the dogs and the water buffaloes and motorcycles go by. I hadn’t realized how much I missed Jessica porch time!


luke quote

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“It’s amazing what becomes your style when you get 30% off.”-Luke


wings & things June 8, 2007

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So I’ve joined the ranks of the bloggers now.

This is it folks: a actual electronic forum for my nonsense. I think the title says it all. I can promise randomness, occasional wit, photos, typos and general spewings that, though seemingly unrelated, might join together to form something entertaining.

And I promise to update it at least once a week.